Print Sizes and Prices

Most of the photographs on this website are available for purchase. Prices are, I think, reasonable. Haggling is OK. Trades are possible.

Black and white silver gelatin prints, archivally processed

11″x14″ prints: $400@

16″x20″ prints: $550 @

20″x24” prints: $700@

30″ x 36″ prints: $900 – $1200

Digital archival pigment prints

My digital work is available in almost any size and on just about any medium. Currently, work on hand is either 13″ x 19″ or 17″ x 22″. There are some larger prints from the Poetry Matters series; prices on request. All prints in Recent Works are digital; the color Recent Portraits also are digital.

13″x19″ prints: $550

17″ x 22″ prints: $750

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